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Penrith is a city of growth. Government funded $3.6 billions infrastructure to improve roads, Motorways and public transport to reduce congestion, creating more employment opportunities and building a vibrant future.

Enjoy the benefits of:

Strong annual capital growth of 14.71% for the last 12 months
High housing demand. 645 Internet visits per property
Low vacancy rate of 1 %
60,000 New jobs by 2041.

Unit Capital Growth From 2006 to 2015

Infrastructure Creates More New Jobs

Over 1,000,000 population growth, over 50,000 new jobs in 2031. More employment opportunities, more housing needs.

Penrith Train Station New Modern Facilities

Upgrade Penrith Station to provide a better commuter experience and increase capacity for future growth. Express trains take only 23 minutes to Parramatta, and 49 minutes to the Sydney CBD.

Improve Commuter Parking

The existing Commuter Car Park provides over 1000 free parking spaces. To make it easier for the locals to use public transport, around 350 new commuter spaces will be added.

Funds to Improve Roads and Motorways

Government investment to improve roads, Motorways, buses and rails to reduce congestion, so that you can spend less time in traffic and have a better quality of life.

Secure Your Vibrant Future Today

Western Sydney Airport and Sydney Science Park will be created over 45,000 job opportunities. The Sydney Science Park will be built on 287ha and focused on research and development in food security, health and energy.

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